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Metric Century

Our Metric Century was a new event in 2006, and replaces the old 50 and 75-mile events. The route includes a loop that local riders call the “Ring of Fire,” in recognition of its two long blistering descents and two long thigh-burning climbs. If you’re ready for some serious mountain miles, but don’t quite have the time or legs for the Full Century, this would be a great ride to take on.

Like all the Tour de Cashiers rides, the Metric Century initially tours the Plateau top. It follows the route of the 25-mile event over the three early 250-350’ climbs, and around the northern shore of Lake Glenville, but turns up Pine Creek valley for a moderate 400’ climb to the 4,000’ crest of the Cowee Ridge. Then the serious fun begins. First, it’s one of the area’s finest descents -- 1,900’ down Walnut Creek Rd. into the valley of the Cullasaja River. The pavement is fresh and smooth, and while there’s one sharp hairpin and a number of other curves that demand caution, the twists generally are not as intense as those on the Cullowhee Mountain descent that was part of the old 75-mile route. Once down the mountain, you’ll probably want to join a paceline for about 12 miles of level riding through agricultural valleys along the Cullasaja River and Ellijay Creek. But you then hit the first major climb, about 1,400’ back up to the crest of the Cowee Ridge. After a well-earned rest stop, the route continues with a fast 1,500’ descent on good road – but watch for the four hairpins towards the top.

Riders will then cover about 7 miles of flat/rolling roads in valleys near the college town of Cullowhee, followed by the second major climb – back up onto the Plateau on Cullowhee Mountain Rd. Console yourself with the knowledge that while this is a tough 1,750’ climb, it’s not quite as bad as Walnut Creek, which the Full Century riders must climb, but which you got to go down. Once on top, a sweet 2-mile descent and a bit of valley riding take you to N. Norton Rd., where the Metric and Full century routes join. The principal remaining challenge is a two-part 500’ climb. After that, it’s a few miles of easy riding along the flanks of Yellow Mountain, and another 400’ descent. Two rolling miles through the Norton community takes you to Highway 64 west of Cashiers, for a fast downhill on smooth asphalt back to the Crossroads. As you settle in for lunch, you will have completed a bit over 62 miles.



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Total elevation gain is + 7,000’.



 After careful consideration, The Tour de Cashiers Mountain Cycling Experience is being planned for Saturday, September 15th, 2018. The move from April to September will make for even more of an enjoyable ride for cyclists and a great weekend for families and spectators. The Cashiers Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to partner with Peak Racing Events of Atlanta, Georgia area who will operate the event and plan to add more fun items to the weekend.

Registration opening soon!  


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